Men’s 4 big behaviors scare off good women

The love at first sight or the good feelings of the two sides are determined by the other half of the words and deeds and appearance. When we don’t understand each other, we have a feeling of guilt about each other. As the emotion deepens, you will find some very “brain-destructive” behaviors. In this case, a good woman will never go on with you. Today we will take a look at several behaviors of men scaring away good women. 1, not filial parents and women in the mate selection, most of the filial parents will be listed as the top three, if men are not filial parents, the continuation of this marriage is very difficult. Most of the men who are filial to their parents have a feeling of affection. After all, they are the parents who have worked hard to pull the big ones. If even the parents are not filial, then the passers-by in their own lives do not have to expect him to be good to you. Xiao Bian recommended: With the virgin sex, you must be gentle to let the woman orgasm the most effective technique 2, just love to ask the man to go to bed with the lower body to think about the problem of the animal, but can not be an excuse for a sexual relationship. When you have just determined that the relationship has not stabilized, he will take the vitality to install a condom and have an sexual relationship with you. Most of these men are directed at your body. A good woman who wants to stabilize her marriage encounters this man’s first feeling that she wants to escape. 3, entangled with ex-girlfriends, most of these men are not principled, have a current girlfriend, and have a relationship with their predecessors, which will make the current heart very traumatized, most of the good women will most of this man Taking a far-fetched attitude, can’t I still afford to hide? Who is not the ex-girlfriend of others, but we must be self-sufficient. After all, there is another emotion that requires you to manage with your heart. If there is always an ex-girlfriend in your life, then this marriage wants to know that the result is tragedy. 4. “Women’s taste” is too big. Which woman does not want to be the other half of the little woman? If you encounter a man who is more “feminine” than yourself, then where the dignity of the woman is placed, he knows the cutting-edge message more than you, and he is more diligent than the mask you make, and I don’t know how to live with such a man. In the end, what is the picture, in short, most women still “can not afford” such men. Guess what you like: Men and women different thinking logic woman born strange novels one night stand sex show emotion story couples emotions more content please pay attention to Feihua health gender channel: Copyright: Copyright of this article Belong to Feihua Health Network, without permission, No natural person or legal person may reproduce or copy in whole or in part in any form. If you want to reprint, you must indicate it from Feihua Health Net!