Secret of the 6 most popular after men’s meetings

It is said that the two loved ones are transparent and will not cause each other to be separated. Some people even think that your marriage should be transparent, and there is no privacy between the family members. In fact, this view is wrong. People who are married still need certain privacy. A completely transparent relationship is always an idealized life. When the husband’s most eager wife understands and understands? The American marriage and family experts have investigated and analyzed the psychological state and feelings of the male after marriage, for the wife’s reference: 1. In the mind of men, work and career are the most important. A part of this is also an important way for them to build their personal image and value, not just to make a living. The husband wants his wife to understand his excessive investment in the work, and don’t often blame him for neglecting himself because of his work or work-related entertainment. Second, money for men, in addition to providing a stable, rich life, but also a symbol of power. Therefore, when buying more expensive items, most of the husbands hope that the wife can discuss with him in advance and respect his opinions. Third, almost all men like to continue to associate with friends before marriage, the husband does not want his wife to excessively limit his dealings with same-sex friends. Xiao Bian recommended: >>> 4 facts under the temptation of orgasm illusion>>> The detailed operation process of the first sex. Fourth, the wife usually does not like her husband and other women. In fact, men who love to see beautiful women are purely psychological instinctive reactions. 5. In the subconscious of men, there is a hidden child’s psychology. They are deeply addicted to certain activities such as playing football, fishing, photography, sound, etc., and gain spiritual relaxation from them. Generally speaking, this is helpful for them to cope with work stress. It’s just that they are addicted and sometimes they may ignore their wife. Sixth, not every man can speak eloquently and carefully. Some men have a heavy tone and give his wife a sense of fierceness. In fact, it is his concern. Therefore, women should pay more attention to how the husband does it, without having to worry too much about how he says it. In short, a happy marriage can also be met, the important thing is to strengthen understanding between husband and wife, only mutual understanding, in order to understand each other, but also only understanding, in order to have a harmonious atmosphere and happiness. Guess what you like: Six strokes make women orgasm affect the climax of the stumbling block to make love to demonstrate emotional stories couples emotional fun help sexual intercourse more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: