Word of mouth: a few simple steps to make her do her best

Men need to understand the needs of women, including “love” and “sex”. However, it is necessary to forbidden two misunderstandings. A woman does not have to have a jade body and a slight lip to explain sexual needs; Once again, there is no need to have a sexual need to make a whole set of love. Perhaps what she needs is just a hug that makes her breathless? Domestic women like to be subtle, and sometimes even over-repressed, dare not express their own voices, especially the “sex” sound, and as a result, they twist it into disguise No negative emotions or states such as fire, sputum. Men themselves are careless, and often do not understand these special unlovable “sex” numbers, resulting in deeper cracks in each other’s feelings, affecting the quality of marriage. Therefore, you don’t want to leave your wife’s heart, lest she be so hearted and suspicious. Usually, you will be more careful, and even go to the “歪” to think about it. Maybe the old problem will be solved, and the new problem will be saved. As described below, women are not able to get enough men’s love and sexual disguise expressions and complaints. Men like to think about “squatting”, especially when they are in love or in the outside world. However, as soon as I got to the eaves of the marriage, it seemed to be numb, and I didn’t move my mind. I thought that my wife was absolutely stable, and it didn’t matter if I was idle. In fact, the relationship is very big. Now it is the age of women who are smashing men. If you can’t catch a woman’s heart, she can turn and leave. Women are good, but they are definitely not cold. In the plain marriage life, remember to think from time to time, like a poet to think about “beauty”, and then make an article of love in your wife’s body and mind, like a farmer happily plowing. 1. Deliberate virtuousness: This is a kind of forbearance, the eve of the volcanic eruption, so you have to respond quickly, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences. Her low profile, her hard work, is to show you, in fact, is to impress your heart, let you treat her. The easiest way is to hug her from behind when she washes your underwear, and whisper or numb with her ears, don’t yell at your compliments or some “indecent” words. She is “positive” and “too much”. At this time, your “evil” is its nectar, which is the complement of yin and yang. 2, spoiled: Maybe she was not good at worrying, suddenly one day, she was pestering you to buy children’s food to eat, or children’s words, or like a fuss, as if everything depends on you, stick to you. You may be annoyed, even touching her forehead and deliberately saying “no fever”, but she is already suggesting to you that she needs your cuddle, like a child, she has no fortification, she only wants you Long drive, no truth, as long as you. 3, 唠叨: Women love to eat snacks because of loneliness. Those old ladies of the old age liked to lick the seeds, and the parents of the East were playing with the short-term. It was because of the lack of nourishment of the master, and it was the expression of loneliness. And the best antidote to loneliness is of course the beggar or arch of a man. The word “arch” may be indecent, as if it were a verb of a pig, but it means the participation of the five senses and is the most emotional relative. A woman is emotional. As long as you come to her forehead, she will be happy. I feel that you are not only for narrow sex, but for love. 4, no open fire: If the wife inexplicably loses her temper, throwing things clinking, and sitting down on the earth will also “shake three shakes”, then you have to review, how long has not “trouble” over her. What is “contentment”, contentment is happiness, peace of mind, and now she is not happy, but also swaying, indicating that you have alienated her body. Her body is protesting. In fact, she can’t control herself. So, tonight, you have to comfort her. In the ancient palace, there were many struggles and conspiracy. In fact, there were too many women and the emperor was too busy to come alone. Men are the best fire extinguishers for women. 5, sickness: She complained of pain in two days, but she didn’t go to see a doctor. In fact, she secretly looked at you and saw how you reacted. Did you see that you were panicked? Did you care? No, she may just An “emotional pain”, and the parts are mostly awkward places, such as the waist, shoulders, and even the butt or heart. You must not take it lightly, pay attention to it. It is best to be like an ant on a hot pot. When you are in a hurry, she is happy and dark. If you can cooperate with her to massage, lick, and scrape, use her eyelids to measure her body temperature … … she is more comfortable, naturally no cure. 6. A lot of entertainment: One day, you find that your wife is busy and busy, and that during non-working hours, you should pay attention. She will exaggerate her excitement to answer the phone, and then she seems helpless, like a dance party, a lot of coffee, or a ball that can’t be finished … … when she sings makeup, you Not far from her. She is not drunk “wife” is not in the wine, she wants you to keep her pace, but also in the “fantasy protest.” Have you not “played” with her for a long time, believe me, you are not too late to realize now, you can keep her in one sentence: “I am jealous!” 7, small moves: pinch you, hit You, harass you, touch you …& Hellop; the skin is obviously in a “hunger” state, the woman is breathing with the skin, how long have you not touched her? Stroke can be physical activity, but also the stroke of the words, give her positive praise, and then grab her restless hands , put on the lips, kiss, energize, and then sense each other. There is no real barbaric woman in the world, only a woman who is neglected by a man.