Under what circumstances do you most want sex?

Many people attribute sex to physiological needs and instinctive reactions. But what is the reason for us to want sex and want to love? This question, I believe many people have not thought about it, even if they think about it, they can’t understand it. Below, Xiaobian will explain to everyone, in the end what will make us want sex? Xiao Bian recommended: What is the man in the sexual consciousness of different kissing methods? 1. Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable, warm The bedding, soft pillows, bed and sex seem to be innately complementary. Is it true? Wrong, wrong, wrong, for sex, nothing is more disappointing than to be comfortable, and it also makes love eclipse. Why in a movie and a novel, a woman who is so tempted and unable to resist is never in bed sex? Sexy women appear on the table, on the recliner, on the floor, in the elevator, in the dark stairwell, in a nutshell, let Men’s crazy women will choose sex anywhere, bed, just not their first choice. If you want to discover wild and unique yourself, if you want to know how sexy you are, then completely liberate your mind for the time being, let us be crazy for the following five reasons. 2. In a modern society with advanced materials and advanced technology, it is easy for people to lose contact with the most primitive and true natural world. Sex in the outdoors can bring people back to nature and return to the true self. Think about it, in the smell of the earth, the bare back and the grass slightly rubbed, the body’s touch may be rough, but the mind is extremely soft. Because, from the beginning, people are born in nature. Jenny once boasted of such an experience to her close friends. At the beginning of her wedding, coincided with the meteor shower night, her husband gave her a surprise to give her a perfect sex journey under the stars and in the wilderness. Talking about the feelings of that time, her eyes were crystal clear, and she looked envious and envied. In order to feel the joy of returning to nature, Sarah must do a ritual every year to liberate love, that is to say, sex with her lover in nature, the original impulse makes her feel the power of real and rough. Wendy is essentially a lady, a good education and a superior environment that makes her an elegant and beautiful woman. On one occasion, she and her husband skied in Switzerland and lost their way in the woods. At that time, she was worried and worried. His husband looked at her so gently and firmly, and comforted her. Unconsciously, they have the urge to have sex. Then, naturally, there is a sexual process that makes my friends unforgettable. In her opinion, the environment is not comfortable, but it is just a few minutes. If you are in a fairyland, it turns out that the fairy monk means this. 3. Who is impulsive? Adults must follow the rules of sex? Sex does not need to mature, only a young heart. When we are young, we will be impulsive and will experience the impact of each other’s body with our lover. The beautiful and pure memory, the impulsive moment of such impulses is unforgettable. Because of our youth, we will indulge our inner desires whenever and wherever we are, and we are bold and brave. Love and sex should not be limited to time. Don’t you have the courage to experience the 20-year-old fire-photostone now? Alisa says that outdoor sex is like fighting the whole world, and you are always worried that the enemy will inadvertently break into your territory. The whole process, thrilling, like fireworks, every time the skin is blind, every time you meet, you will feel the battle with the whole world with your loved one. 5, the strange story of each person’s life, to a certain stage, it seems that it happens naturally according to certain rules. From a girl to a young woman, a lover turns from a couple to a husband, and then, with another focus of life, the child. Suddenly, do you find that you are no longer yourself, tired work, cumbersome housework, feeling slow and numb. Home, it seems to always be that look, sex, seems to always be the program, everything is regular means nothing is new. No, in fact, familiarity can also become strange, and the law can also break through. For example, Ann, everything in her life is smooth and smooth. After graduation, marriage, and husband and wife, friends always joked about her as “cooking rice, yellow face”. She said that she has a little happiness to maintain a happy attitude, she likes sex at home, but does not like sex in bed. “Home, is the land of my labor, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, I cook, mopping, washing clothes. At that time, I was his ‘female slave’; home, also the territory of my sex, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, Everything became familiar, he was crazy for me. At that time, he was my ‘male’. Unfamiliar sex in a familiar environment made me feel very exciting and fresh every day.” 6. Stimulating Lulu Husband, modest gentleman, gentle as jade, he knows wine tasting, obsessed with opera, likes Shakespeare, perfect but does not seem to eat human fireworks. But he actually likes sex outdoors, which makes him more human and cute. Who knows, maybe it is the brook water, the whispering bird language, maybe the sunset, the thinness, the beautiful nature, any slight change can make people get rid of the shackles of the heart, the shackles of behavior, and become a strange behavior, Feel the real person. “I am not a fine porcelain, I like to be stimulating and adventurous; These, he did not know. However, since that time in the sunset, he is no longer like him, I found that we have more exchanges with each other. He knows me better and respects me more. Every time, when I look at him with that look, he knows that his doll needs a magical journey that is different. He always satisfies me, and never let me down.” We believe that love does not make sense. Why don’t you believe that sex does not make sense? We feel that brave and adventurous is a valuable quality, why not in bed sex is I am not ashamed of being rebellious. I don’t think we like to be different, but love is different. Is it a metamorphosis? If you think about it, it seems that everything is unreasonable. The secular shackles our imagination and innovation, and it suppresses it. Our original impulse and instinct, to a certain extent, stifle our ability to pursue happiness. Listening to the heart, letting go of freedom, and being true to ourselves are the keys to a woman’s “sex” blessing. Have you got it? Guess you like it. : If there is a sexual suggestion between men and women, how do women have a need to suggest more content, please pay attention to the gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn