The length of time is not a measure of the true man’s standard.

Men are proud of their long-lasting ability. They want their Ding Ding to “get a little longer”. Even if they “struggle” for more than 10 minutes and have a strong thrill and ejaculation desire, they will still delay half a ejaculation. Hours or more, then they will feel that their sexual ability is outstanding and can be called a tough guy. What are the criteria for assessing performance? The longer the time, the stronger the sexual function? Experts remind male friends that they should not evaluate their sexual behavior based solely on the length of their sexual life. It is extremely wrong to use lifespan to evaluate the strength of male sexual ability. Excessive pursuit of “endurance does not shoot” can easily cause harm to the body. Long-term intolerance can lead to the following six hazards: Erectile dysfunction: When the climax comes, forcibly stop shooting. Due to excessive congestion, the sexual organs will become heavier. For a long time, it has reduced male sexual desire and pleasure, and eventually led to erectile dysfunction. 2. Chronic prostatitis or sterile prostatitis: hyperactivity of the sexual organs is prone to induce prostatitis. 3. Seminal vesiculitis: The ejaculation time of the seminal vesicle can not withstand ejaculation, the seminal vesicle will be congested for a long time, leading to expansion of the seminal vesicle capillaries, severe or even rupture, leading to hemorrhagic seminal vesiculitis. 4. Infertility: Men who forcibly control not ejaculation can cause retrograde ejaculation and can lead to infertility. 5. Hemorrhoids: Long-term control of ejaculation will affect the blood circulation of the anus and easily induce hemorrhoids. 6. Neurasthenia: Long-term control of ejaculation, male cerebral cortex will be in a state of tension and anxiety, long-term neurasthenia, insomnia, forgetfulness, headache, dizziness and other symptoms. Criteria for assessing sexual ability: There is no “sexual superman” in the world. Harmony between husband and wife is the most important. The length of sexual life is not the only criterion for assessing sexual ability. Men’s multiple physiological factors and cooperation between husband and wife are also important references. Sexual life is an important part of a couple’s emotional maintenance. We must pay more attention and handle it carefully.