Why are some people loyal to others who are used to lame?

Just after the Valentine’s Day, if your other half is Pisces, should you receive a beautiful gift, bouquet, or a romantic candlelight dinner on the day? If you are Pisces yourself, you must pay for the Valentine’s Day, that is, you must give the other half unlimited love! Many people are as romantic and passionate as Pisces, but there are also many people who repeatedly cripple and engage in an affair, which makes people feel bad! Why can’t I change my habit of stealing? Pisces can be said to be a 100-point lover, often regards love as the most important thing in life. When you fall in love, you are always devoted and 100% committed, always putting lovers in the first place. Of course, there are many people outside of Pisces who also regard their feelings as the focus of their lives, and care for their lovers! Therefore, in the face of the other half stealing, affair is always particularly hurt! Why are some people loyal and some people used to lame? Not even guilty? Is there any difference between men and women? The inner dissatisfaction seeks comfort. The young man may have an affair. The so-called slap in the face, psychiatrist Wen Yukai said that no matter whether the third party in the relationship is active or passively accepted, the formation of “exogenous” is between two people. The result of interaction, and the behavior of people “squatting” is usually the result of inconsistency between internal needs and external environment. When one of the feelings is dissatisfied with the current situation or is unable to obtain a sufficient sense of security, it is possible to seek solace and then have an affair. From the teens to the 60s and 70s, the situation of lameness can occur in different age groups. Dr. Wen Yukai said that there are even clinical cases in which Agong and Auntie came to see a doctor because of an affair. It can be seen that the friction between people can happen at any time and is not limited to age. Occasions and lameness can occur in all age groups. The causes of friction between the two include economic status, job nature, housework, living habits, and so on. Poor communication habits are different from the causes of lameness. Generally speaking, young couples are prone to conflicts due to factors such as the nature of work, economic conditions, poor communication, and separation of the two places. Examples of resurgence with ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends have also been stolen. It is not uncommon. As for the more mature couples, it is easy to cause disagreement with the other half due to living habits, division of labor, and religious beliefs, and then detonate the affair crisis! The difference between male and female is not obvious. The age associated with stealing and personality traits is not a problem, and men and women are no different. Dr. Wen Weikai pointed out that from the perspective of physiology, due to the difference of hormones, boys generally have more in pursuit of stimulating and strong dominant nature. Traditionally, men are also considered to be the dominant players in the relationship, while women are more dependent and pursue romance. A stable relationship. However, with the times Nowadays, the attitudes and behaviors of men and women towards love are not as obvious as in the past. Therefore, stealing is a man’s nature, a man who makes mistakes in the whole world or a divorce in an affair. It must be a man’s wrong stereotype that is out of date. If a couple or a couple has a lame, stealing, it is usually related to the personality trait of the individual!