Which women and men must not touch

Women, men, this is an inseparable group of two. The combination of men and women is a natural law, and no one can change it. It is normal for men to like women. As the saying goes, the opposite sex attracts, this is the truth. But not all women and men can like it, and there are too many complicated things in society. Today, Xiaobian told male friends that these seven types of women must not touch. 1, the boss’s Xiaomi boss’s Xiaomi is generally beautiful and likable, and it is very normal for you to move her heart. If you happen to be a little miserable, you will be tired of the boss, and look at your little white face. There is a wonderful scene. However, once this matter is detected by the boss, you will be tortured to death by the boss, so that life is better than death. 2, a friend’s wife said that a friend’s wife can not be bullied, one is morally unspeakable, the other is the knowledge between friends, including the bad things you have done, friends are well aware, usually buddy seduce you, but once you Occupy the friend’s wife’s cheap, friends will know that they will immediately turn their faces, and will turn you over to the sky, making you notorious, stinking forever. 3, when the opponent’s daughter’s feelings are good, the opponent’s daughter can ignore the suspicion, all let love be the master, once there is a disagreement or a dispute, it is easy to stand on your opposite side, become an undercover, establish a father and daughter mother and daughter alliance , you will be personally turned over. 4. The younger sister of the neighboring family is not only referring to the neighbors, but also refers to the adjacent relationship at work, such as the neighboring table at the neighboring room. As the saying goes, the rabbit does not eat the grass and the grass, even the low-level animals understand the truth. Naturally, there is no need to say more. Eating grass is definitely a problem. 5, the relationship of female partners’ interests is most likely to be contradictory, and the differences are constant. If there is a affair or a relationship with a female partner, the interests must be made very cheap, otherwise your feelings will flow down immediately. So that it becomes a deadly enemy. 6, a woman with a lot of scheming, this woman is often eclipsed, it is unprofitable, she is willing to be infected with you, most of them are hidden. 7, a woman who is entangled with a woman, once this woman has friction with you, will grab a little bit of the rest, and often it is not upside down, confusing, screaming, swearing, not accepting the account, the 100% correct dress, and the other side said nothing. Conclusion: Women are all kinds of different, each woman has a different appearance, different temper, different personality. Of course, as a man, a woman is the biggest attraction to him. After reading the above introduction, a lot of tired women are men who can’t touch, once they touch It will cause a lot of trouble for yourself, so men must maintain a rational thinking while they like a woman. This will find the woman who really suits you.